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The Irish Social Singing Tradition in English

This site mounts my musings and meanderings concerning Traditional Singing in Ireland, written or presented, over the past fifty years. The first of my articles was published in 1969 when I was living in Belfast. Since then, I have lived in Portrush, Co. Antrim; Tullaghan (Leitrim); Galway; and in Inishowen, Co. Donegal. Each of these places marks a new emphasis, as fresh experiences worked on my perspectives, though some overlap exists.

The main theme of my work has been social singing (as distinct from singing in public) in Ireland though more in Ulster (I am not primarily interested in songs but in their place in society) – this has taken several forms and been presented in lectures, articles, books and in broadcasts – those I regard as most important are listed on the Menu – Home – Publications and Presentations.

Importantly, I never intended to lead a life of study; it happened. In the same way, this website will grow gradually. A blog entry will signal that a new article has been posted and how it can be accessed through the menu. The articles will not be on the blog. Mostly, things will go up in the order they were written or published and will be posted unaltered (except for obvious mistakes of typography etc. to which attention will be drawn) but each will be prefaced by an explanation of how it contributed to my thinking. I hope that no-one will drown – or be scunnered by repetition.

I explain the progress of my interest more fully in a page nested below this on on the Menu – Home – How it started – which also says what, on 1st September 2020, is on the site. This list will be updated as new material is added.

On a tablet or phone, the site is best viewed in landscape. Navigation is via the Menu above, or, via the page listing below, which reflects the site structure. If you find that the Header Menu is a bit sticky, especially on a tablet, the page listing works better.

This site is dedicated to my dear wife, Rosemarie, who has shared her experiences and insights regarding social singing and much else. Her ideas and arguments have contributed very largely to the perspectives I now enjoy.

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